Friday, September 30, 2011

Books I don't read

I bet you're all wondering, "How is Sarah's art coming along since last week?" Well, to answer that question, it's coming along quite well, thanks for asking.

If you ignore the table covered in crap and the lamp, you can see my two most recent pieces. Last night at like midnight, I literally got up out of bed to talk to my roommates because I came to the realization that these two pieces are really all I have to show for my long hours in the studio. Yeah. It's a little depressing. 

Complete with Josh trying to photobomb my pictures.

And the snake is growing. 

I would like to point out that before I started saving these gluesticks I threw a good deal out, and I also have used a number of bottles of elmer's glue, some book glue, and hot glue as well. This is just a small sampling of my glue consumption.

I would really like to post photos besides my art of New York but I haven't taken a whole lot. 
I will, however, throw in this photo of some old asian people playing hacky sack. They were pretty good at it, too.


  1. both are great. Good dialogue between them--one is fluid and playful and the other rigid and stoic. The "snake" is the stronger of the two--the massive hit that will only become more massive as you add to it. But it is worth developing both because they play off each other in interesting ways. Glad you are building them side by side too. Make sure to eventually get really really good photos of the "snake" because you will want them later. I just also noticed that you won't have to frame these pieces 7 times. What a happy revelation.

  2. also, don't let Josh ruin your photos. Buy him a live crab or something to distract.

  3. maybe too many flourishes, but hard to tell 1000 miles away. Josh for all you know you're talking to Chris Farley here.

  4. Yay! I was just wondering about your art! Don't tell anyone, but I haven't made any art yet, only sketches.

    I also like them next to each other. Maybe you should make the snake as long as the wall and they could go together as one piece.

    Also, Chris, where is your critique of the hacky-sack photo? It reminds me of that blog Brian found called "Accidental Chinese Hipsters" and they are all really old but wearing hipster-esque fashions.

  5. Good stuff, Sarah! Sorry, no critique for you from me...I like talking about it, but my fingers just fall off and then individually punch me in the face when I try to type it. So no beans.

    Let's be those old asian people sometime.

  6. Christie isn't making art. I'm going to tell Wayne.