Monday, October 10, 2011


I realize that I keep posting photos of my art. I'm sorry. I promise I'll stop soon. But after six weeks of work, I have finally (well, maybe...) finished my book snake. After much deliberating, I decided to call it The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, 5000 Nights at the Opera. (BOOKSNAKE!!! LOL!! ROFL!!! was also on the table for a while, but sadly, it was not to be) So here, in all its glory, is The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, 5000 Nights at the Opera: 
(and when I say "all its glory" I actually mean part of its glory, as the room was too small to get the entire thing in one photo)

The other end

If I laid it out in a straight line it'd be somewhere around 50 feet. FIFTY FEET PEOPLE. You should be at least mildly impressed by that. 


All work Copyright 2011 Sarah Lee


  1. Oh dear God, how many hours did that take to make?? Very, very, very cool though :)

  2. it's beautiful! I need to spend more time with it before I say another word.

  3. Holy shit, this is amazing! It's so much bigger than it was in the last picture! And I think the title was a good call for sure. I love it.

    Also, don't apologize for posting your art because I love to see it.

  4. Whoa Sarah. Too far. Too awesome. I want to hug it, but I'd probably break it. When you're done with it, can I hug it? Or just curl up next to it and hold it close to me?

  5. I know the chances of you reading and replying to this are slim, but how did you make the snake?