Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012


My roommate and I have a problem. We think we're really funny. No, seriously, it's a problem. We will sit for HOURS talking and laughing at really stupid things. 

For example: Craigslist. I mean, how can you NOT love craigslist? You can buy this "Pink & Gold Southwest Pottery Sculpture of the Feminine"for only $35! 

Or Pinterest:

Oh my gosh, the amount of inspirational quotes is overwhelming!

Our favorites tend to be awkward and really poorly taken photos of quotes. 

Etsy also has some real winners.

We've stayed up until three or four in the morning MULTIPLE times scouring the internet for things we find funny, which at that time in the morning, is EVERYTHING. We reach this state we like to call "sleep drunk." It's pretty much like being drunk but there is no alcohol involved. This also happens when we're really stressed. In order to become less stressed we distract ourselves for excessive periods of time, until we become more stressed because we've wasted so much time. Watching videos of baby sloths. Because we love baby animals. Especially ocelots. (I'm a little embarrassed that I just linked to a photo from a blog called "Holy Cuteness.) 

Do you see how ridiculous this is? IT NEVER ENDS. 

In other news, I made this nice little stack of woodcuts for a postcard print exchange. I'm pretty stoked about it.