Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things made and partially stolen

So. I've been making things. Out of books. And glue. A lot of glue. Like this:

(See that sign behind it? Although it clearly states not to touch or move this, at least 3 people kicked it. Two have fessed up. I'm still waiting on the third.)

I sort of wanted to shoot myself making it, and it's still not done, but it's mildly enjoyable. I just hide in my corner crazily folding and cutting books for hours upon hours. 

I also made these:

Does this look familiar to anyone? I'm fairly sure all of the three people who read my blog will make the connection. Haha... Sometimes I steal my friend's ideas. But generally they're just Christie's and I call it collaboration. (On a somewhat related note, has anyone seen this?) I'm just waiting for Chris to end our friendship and sue me. (I would actually link that to something, but THERE'S NOTHING TO LINK IT TO.)
In future I will perhaps post more exciting things about New York, but for now, all you get is this boring book art crap.


  1. The third person that kicked your piece is me. I did it. I've been secretly coming to NY and messing with your shit.

    It's so great, Sarah! I've noticed that all the good pieces you do finish with you saying "I kind of wanted to shoot myself making it, but it's mildly enjoyable." So i'm going to take that as a good sign.

    Also, I'm kind of depressed that you're having all these awesome experiences without us.

  2. You can kick my stuff all you want if you come visit me in NY.

  3. Oooh these pictures are nice! I like the close up ones of the snake because I couldn't see all the texture in the post after this... which I read first.

    Good art often makes one want to shoot themselves... then again it doesn't take much for me to jokingly threaten suicide.