Monday, March 21, 2011

Things on my Camera, or The parts of my life worth documenting

I sometimes leave the photos on my camera for a very long time. It's like a visual documentation of my life, but only the certain parts that were deemed worthy to be captured on camera. Here's a snippet of my life:

1. Pierre and Harriet (And Brian, I guess)
While Christie was getting instructions from some kite enthusiasts

2. You don't even understand how much I love my roommates
I'm glad you at least like me

3. Why would I need to prank my roommates when this is a common occurrence in our apartment?
There are remnants of my last apartment consuming paper project reflected in the mirror

4. How sketchy was that Super 8?
Surprisingly, there were still people in that room

5. Pierre returns, this time in a much nicer climate
I need to work on my tan

 6. Half an hour into having half of every duo
Solution: take a photo

5. Every time I see these photos I laugh
Peace and blessings, PEACE AND BLESSINGS

6. Azusa Pacific
If Bethel Put This On Our Buildings I Would Consider Transferring

7. Lion Dances, NOT Line Dances
40 Minutes before Willis Tried to Learn to Dougie

 8. Huntington Beach
How is Rachael so Damn Sexy?

9. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Apparently Ad Reinhardt Owns My Soul

 10. No longer on my camera, but you know it deserves to be here anyway
How could you ever resist that winking man in a snuggie?


  1. I absolutely love the picture of the building sign, and the 2nd caption. I'm totally with you!!! :)

    Also, the all black painting is deep. Real deep.

  2. Hahahaa I like these captions!

    First off, that snuggie man is mine, I called him. Hahah.
    Pretty funny that you started and ended with a weird picture of Brian.

    Secondly, I love Ad Reinhart but I'm not sure if that picture does him justice :(. I really want to see that in REAL LIFE!

  3. Hahaha Christie, I actually considered adding something to that last caption, like "Christie certainly couldn't". And I agree, that picture doesn't even begin to do him justice.