Saturday, March 26, 2011

He may deny it, but he really is a hipstotter

Recently in my printmaking class, we've been making lithographs, and our assignment was to create a modern day bestiary, or an animal that illustrates some moral. My solution to this problem was to make a hipster otter, or a hipstotter. Of course, no good hipster would admit to being a hipster so he's actually an "(i'm not a) hipstotter". (Also, as a side-note, this is an interesting and slightly life changing article about hipsters.)

I think he turned out quite well. Of course, killing myself making a seven color print wasn't enough, and I decided he needed to be put in some different situations. 

"Did someone steal my fixed gear bike?"

"Nevermind. Here it is."

"I liked this artist before he even started making art."

"You probably wouldn't understand my art, it's really conceptual."

Yep. That's pretty much it. 

All work Copyright 2011 Sarah Lee


  1. I would like a hipstotter please.

  2. you are so talented. I love it.

  3. hahaha. You should make a small book with several other characters...I'm seeing Gothrabbit, ADHD Squirrel, Emo Cat, Douchebag Dog, etc...perhaps they all meet in college...I am willing to co-write.

  4. Hahahaha love it. I second what JennaRose says, I still like the idea of the wannabe Hipsteaver and perhaps you can make an ironic armadello or something too. I like Gothrabbit as well.

    Anyway, that article was very thought provoking, I liked it. It is quite weird that no one who is a hipster wants to be one.

    And your comics are hilarious. I had never seen "I liked this artist before he even made art." Similar to the rare band. :)

  5. Hahahaha you should keep making captions for that art one only changing the color of the pictures and bow tie.