Monday, June 6, 2011

Only a partial slacker

It's official. I suck at blogging. I've had this blog for approximately 157 days and this is only my ninth post. I suppose a post every 17.4 days isn't that bad, but even so, none of it has been entirely spectacular.  My only excuse for sucking this badly is that in the 157 days I've had this blog I've been extremely busy. What have I and have I not been doing, you ask? Let me tell you.

I have NOT:

been blogging very much (clearly)
invented anything life changing
contracted any deadly diseases (that I know of)
managed to walk in heels without looking like an idiot
learned to play the harmonica
found a place as awesome as pinkberry in minnesota (even though I did try a number of promising alternatives)

I, however, HAVE:

been a complete overachiever in my studio classes
discovered that I own a tambourine (who knew?)
asked my roommate heidi how to spell things in approximately 1 out of every 10 texts I send
created massive amounts of prints and photographs
such as this nifty monotype that I made at like 2:30 am the day of my final critique, that I only have this ridiculously discolored photo of

been a complete slacker in my generals (which I feel completely fine about)
played the barbie game more than I ever thought I would
been chained out of my room by my roommates
managed to get four pieces into the student art show at my school
won best of show for one of my photographs in said show

seen here behind chris, who claims he is standing suspiciously far away from us because he didn't want to cover up my photo, but in reality I'm pretty sure he just didn't want to associate with us non-medal-winners

had four jobs at one time
purchased a bow-tie
helped somali adults learn english
read both The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Tunneling to the Center of the Earth in the last five days
spent extended periods of time at royal grounds trying to de-stress
done an entire series of photographs about fruit

THAT'S RIGHT. I wasn't a total slacker. Only a partial one.


  1. your partial slackedness is necessary so you don't slack on the important things, like your studio classes.

    I think Chris only looks far away because, compared to Christie and I, who by the looks of it can practically hear each others' dinners digesting, he's pretty far away.

  2. "played the barbie game more than I ever thought I would" Me too, Sarah, me too. And who knew Paul Greenlee would like the game so much?

    We are in an awkward formation in that photo. Why didn't we all just put our arms around each other?

    Yay summer reading! I'm on the 6th Harry Potter book right now. Yep.